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Columns before the main peak of gutting, fame Hai Ting, was built in the Tang Dynasty. Pavilion under the Spring and Autumn Period Tomb of Yue and Tang doctor lingual Cliff Inscription. Southwest wind and rain on mountain pavilion, 1930, to commemorate the martyrs of modern democracy is built Qiu Jin. Yue foothills southeast of Taiwan, tens of meters high, built in the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading years. There the southern slope of Mount ...[Detail]

There are nine stone lake, lying during which the lake is divided into three; have Narathiwat, Xiantao two holes can be through the boat. Landscape blending the wrong hole orifices disk, chisel from artificial and natural as interesting. There Katsumi Lake Pavilion, drink Lu Ting, listening kiosks marsh dotted landscape. Kosei the "Pottery," Tao Chengzhang to commemorate the martyrs of the Revolution was built. Modern Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, ...[Detail]

For melon Lake, the ancient name of the bridge tangwan. China Textile City located in the northeast, north south width of the narrow, 2 km north to south and from east to west is about 1 km, if the melon-shaped, hence the name. The existing surface area of 1.5 square kilometers, the third Great Lakes Shaoxing Plain. Three wells around ninety-eight four ancestral temple. Every action can be described as scenic, historical sites everywhere, felt ...[Detail]

Jianhu island is elegant. The bridge between the different islands connected with, or "mirror of water", or "moon", or "Jin Department", the bridge and more all over the place, although many bridges, it can be accessible and fun. This is a mirror of water Bridge pontoon one of the most famous ancient Shaoxing, in the "Jiaqing Hueiji records," where there are well documented. Song Jin, Department of the bridge is said to eighteen years of ...[Detail]

Ke bone rock scene in order to cloud the most Wonderful, and indeed comparable mountain roar. Cooper saw a green cloud of bone to the top, old sticks crosswise, visitors to this, everyone sighed a spectacle. About hundred steps away from the cloud of bone, a stone Buddha statues, is the use of a more than ten feet high of about 10 made of rock carving. Stone Buddha sits among the stone walls, statues up to 4 husbands, wears kind, beautifully ...[Detail]